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Článek: 15.12.2006

Kladno Juniors - Alpiq supports Czech ice hockey talents

Kladno Hockey Club

The best junior ice hockey team of the Czech Republic is supported by KEB, an Alpiq subsidiary.

The champion title in the Junior Ice Hockey Extra League of the Czech Republic has been won by the KEB Kladno Ice Hockey Juniors for the third time over the last four years. This "bastion" of the Czech junior ice hockey is congratulated on winning this title also by the KEB, general partner of the KEB Kladno Ice Hockey Club.

"We are proud of connecting our name with the best junior ice hockey club in the Czech Republic, which has trained up a number of talented players who are successful both in the Czech Republic and abroad. On this occasion, we can mention Jaromír Jágr, the best ice hockey player in the world. We are aware that the successful extra league team must also have a base for the youth training. Therefore our supports, provided through the KEB Sponsorship Program, will also continue in the next season," says Ing. Milan Prajzler, General Manager of ECK Generating (Member of KEB).

For the Kladno ice hockey club, it is already the seventh champion title in the junior category and the first one, won under the auspices of the KEB, formerly ECK Generating. Kladno is the largest city in Central Bohemia with the population of 70,000 thousand and ice hockey history of more than 80 years. It is also the seat of the KEB, which operates its power station there. The KEB wishes to be a firm responsible towards the society, and therefore, under its long-term Sponsorship Program, the KEB supports a number of projects in the Kladno Region.

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